Frequently Asked Questions

Listed below are some frequently asked questions regarding what we do and how we may help you. If you have an inquiry or concern not addressed here please contact us and we will be more than happy to assist you!

How can I turn a “room full of books” into a working library?
Cassidy will transform your collection of books into a library by cataloging (or re-cataloging) the collection according to national bibliographic standards and provide MARC records for your online catalog, as well as new labels and/or circulation cards—whatever you need to make the collection operational. We have the people power and expertise to perform the entire job.
I want to make my library collection available to PCs using the Internet, but I have not located a reasonably priced product.
Let Cassidy host your OPAC with our very own product, CassidyCat4.1. Your records will be safe on one of Cassidy's many secure servers. Cassidy technical support is unsurpassed—no software to buy and no MIS support required.
I am thinking of migrating from my present OPAC to a more sophisticated product which will give me more capabilities and better report generation. But my current records are not in one uniform format!
Cassidy Cataloguing offers data manipulation services, including NON-MARC to MARC conversions, so all of your records can be migrated or upgraded to the system of your choice.
I was just promoted to head of Technical Services in my library. Where can I turn for some advice on the most effective and cost-conscious way to run my department?
Relax! Cassidy's staff of professional catalogers has over 100 years of combined experience cataloging every type of law and business library. Let them evaluate your workflow and recommend best practices for you.
I just found out my company is actually going to fund my budget request of the past five years to automate my library! Which system should I purchase?
Let our experienced staff guide you in this decision making process. We will help you evaluate your operation so that your new automated system will be a perfect fit when you first get it and will serve your needs into the future.
I'm relatively new to the law cataloging area and I find that my graduate courses haven't adequately prepared me for this job. What should I do?
Cassidy has a long tradition of participating in staff continuing education programs. Please contact us to discuss a solution that will fit your needs.
My library participates in a 15 member consortium of similar academic libraries. Despite our best efforts, we are still unable to accurately pinpoint each other's serial holdings.
Allow us to make this age-old ILL problem disappear! Cassidy has the experience and expertise to create and maintain union lists for all types of library consortia. These union lists come in print and online versions (maintained at Cassidy's website).
I recently had to combine several satellite collections into one space in my building. Things are a real mess now and I simply don't have the time to do much needed weeding.
No problem. Let Cassidy work with you to develop weeding guidelines. You can go about your normal work while our staff removes unwanted volumes, shifts books where necessary, and ensures that all appropriate bibliographic records are deleted or amended.
I run a one-person library and my boss just asked me to present an accurate inventory of the collection for insurance/replacement purposes. I think this is a great idea but I can't possibly accomplish it myself!
Cassidy Cataloguing to the rescue! Let our staff come into your library, inventory your entire collection, and present you with the completed document. Cassidy will get the job done quickly and efficiently at a reasonable cost.
What about barcoding? My new OPAC requires every single volume barcoded and entered into the system, and I only have one part-time clerk!
You won't even notice Cassidy's well-trained staff as they move through your collection barcoding every single item. Their goal, as always, is to make your problem go away so you can concentrate on managing the collection.
My cataloging staff has collected vast amounts of Internet information. We've based these decisions on attorney suggestions and perceptions relating to what may help us in the future. How should we handle all this “stuff”?
This is the hard question, but why not let Cassidy help you decide what to archive and how to do it? Getting Internet resources is the easy part. What to do once you've captured them is not! Turn to Cassidy's team of professionals for these and other cutting edge questions.