The Crew

Cassidy Cataloguing's professional staff have taught at four New York area Library and Information Science schools, and have lectured extensively on the successful application of national bibliographic standards for the private and special library setting.

The People Behind the Business

Joni and MichaelJoni Cassidy, President and Chief Executive Officer

Michael Cassidy, Vice President and Chief Financial Officer

Joni and Michael Cassidy co-manage Cassidy Cataloguing. She's our Rainmaker and the catalog Librarian who designs and oversees the cataloging projects. He's the Computer Guy who keeps the staff online, tends to the web-hosted OPACs, designs the data-manipulation and cleanup projects, and battles hackers everyday. Together they juggle finances, personnel management, and client satisfaction.

In their leisure time they relax in the company of K-9 ambassador Rain (a beautiful Bernese Mountain Dog) in the western mountains of New Jersey.

RobertaRoberta Bertrand, JD, MLIS, Chief Operating Officer

AB, Vassar College

JD, Cornell University Law School

MS(LIS), Long Island University

My first life goal was to move to Oz. My yellow brick road led through a legal career culminating in a partnership in a NYC firm, followed by a stint in business as a CFO, grant writer, and consultant to non-profit organizations, with motherhood en route. I followed this circuitous path to graduate school in Library Science, and the yellow brick road led directly into Professor Joni Cassidy's classroom! I have been associated with Cassidy Cataloguing on a consulting basis since 2005, where I concentrated initially on law-related projects including CassidyCat's Digital Law Library and Hein's World Trials Collection. I was thrilled when Joni and Michael asked me join the company full time as Chief Operating Officer. I focus on improving workflow, communications, client relations and basically doing whatever needs to be done. Being able to use my varied skills and experiences in such an innovative atmosphere among unique colleagues and intriguing projects, I've definitely found my Emerald City!

NatalieNatalie White, Director of Marketing/Systems Administration

Working as the director of marketing at Cassidy Cataloguing is actually a much more diverse position than it sounds! Working with a small sales team affords me the opportunity to travel and meet many of our subscribers face to face. I find that meeting everyone makes us all more comfortable in communicating problems or questions and that is what this company is really all about - open communication and making our subscribers and clients happy! Coming from a background outside of the library world (print and online advertising) I have developed a deep appreciation and respect for the quantity and quality of work that our catalogers accomplish every day and the amount of work and dedication it takes to run a library department!

PaulaPaula Perry, Senior Metadata Quality Control Supervisor

BA, University of Delaware

MS(LS), Simmons College

Paula takes a break to share her passion for Sherlock Holmes and mystery fiction with company mascot Darla Jane Cassidy. She's led the pack of catalogers at Cassidy since 1989 after working for an impressive list of libraries including the law firm of Davis Polk & Wardwell, John Jay College of Criminal Justice, the American Museum of Natural History, the Wenner-Gren Foundation for Anthropological Research, and Harvard University.

Paula's MS(LS) is from Simmons College and she is our Rare Book Cataloger, having trained at Columbia's Rare Book School.

Previous positions: Indexer, Tozzer Library of the Peabody Museum of Archaeology and Ethnology, Harvard University; Research Librarian, Wenner-Gren Foundation for Anthropological Research; Reference Services Librarian, American Museum of Natural History; Cataloger, John Jay College of Criminal Justice, CUNY; Technical Services Librarian, Davis Polk & Wardwell.

QingQing Fan, Senior Metadata Specialist

When I was young my parents often brought me to visit different libraries. There I saw the many librarians who worked diligently, connecting people with books. They really inspired me to pursue my career as a librarian when I grew up. I obtained my MLIS degree from Nanjing University in China. I began my professional career at the Anhui University library and worked there focusing on cataloguing for ten years before I immigrated to the United States. Recently the state of New Jersey evaluated my professional credentials from China and granted me the New Jersey Professional Librarian Certification. I joined Cassidy Cataloguing in early 2008. I feel so proud to be part of the professional staff of the company and really love working here with everyone.

NancyNancy Sheffield, Metadata Specialist

BA, Beloit College

MLS, Rutgers University

I was fortunate to get a taste of the world of research libraries as an undergraduate when I spent a semester as a student fellow at the Newberry Library. I also worked there part-time and my job included verifying name authority entries in the NUC and filing catalog cards; the rest, as they say, is history. To fulfill Beloit's field term requirement I spent six months working at a college library in Stirling, Scotland and then studied in London for a semester before returning to the states to complete my BA. I received my MLS in 1978 and spent over 15 years as a cataloger for both academic and public libraries. I first worked for Cassidy Cataloguing from 1995-2001, the last year telecommuting from Florida. For nine years I was Head of Technical Services for a public library in the Tampa Bay area. I am currently an adjunct librarian at St. Petersburg College and returned to Cassidy Cataloguing part-time in early 2008.

Mary Ellen SweeneyMary Ellen Sweeney, Senior Metadata Specialist

BM, New England Conservatory of Music

MSLS, Simmons College

JD, Suffolk University Law School

After teaching music for several years, I turned to librarianship. When I finished law school I decided to combine law with librarianship and went to work at the University of Texas in the government documents department. At the first opportunity, I moved to the cataloging department and I have remained a cataloger ever since. I first signed on with Cassidy Cataloguing in the late 1990's to participate in the Yale reclass project. I have been working for Cassidy ever since and enjoying every minute of it. I am still involved with music and play the French horn in local symphony orchestras. I enjoy woodworking and in my spare time I make handcut wooden jigsaw puzzles. I live happily by the sea with my korat cat Poppy.

Michael H.Michael Herrick, Senior Foreign Language cataloger

BA, Columbia University

MA, Yale University

MS(LIS), Simmons College

Michael has spent most of the last 20 years working as a foreign language specialist in libraries ... usually attempting to finagle Cyrillic originals into elegant records inhabiting Anglo-American library catalogs. His linguistic strengths are most heavily concentrated in Slavic languages, but he enjoys just about any challenge. Extensive travel in Europe during the past two decades has sharpened his eyes and ears to a potpourri of languages. He has worked as a catalog librarian (or that responsibility folded in with others) at the Center for Research Libraries, Harvard University and Holy Trinity Orthodox Seminary in Jordanville, NY.

He likes to clear his head from a day of catalog puzzle solving through cross-country runs, ski outings and training for distance triathlons.

MeganMegan Staloff, Facilities Manager

I started working for Cassidy part time while I was in school completeing my BS in Equine Business Management at Centenary College. Although my true passion is working with animals, especially horses, my number two obsession would have to be organization. This is one reason why I believe I fit in so well here at Cassidy Cataloguing as the Facilities Manager.

Susan Summers, Customer Success Supervisor for Electronic Products

Back in the Fall of 1993 I was very active in the profession of theatrical lighting design, touring extensively with a couple of different dance companies and lighting an opera here and there. One day a close friend asked me if I'd like to do some temp work with the firm where she worked. It had been a slow summer for me, so I said yes. My first temp assignment was to assist in the shifting and rearranging of a large law firm library where Cassidy Cataloguing had just completed a retrospective conversion.

The whole experience turned out to be a good fit, as they say. Pretty soon I was being called on to do other database-related assignments. There were more shifts of more re-classed libraries, and more database work. Before I knew what was happening I was personally re-classed, becoming a full-time employee in the summer of 1996. The rest is history.

Our Launch Pad

My Favorite Part of the Site

By Joni Cassidy

From 2003 to the present, I've had the opportunity to teach Cataloguing (or Introduction to Technical Services) to graduate library and information science students. I've taught at Long Island University's Westchester Campus and C.W. Post Campus, Queens College of CUNY in Flushing, N.Y., Kean University in Union, N.J., and St. John's University in Manhattan.

From the classroom, I've been able to seduce several MLS-candidates over to “The Dark Side” to become full-time technical services librarians and catalogers. Working for Cassidy Cataloguing, others have discovered their true calling to be librarianship, having not known that when they first came on staff.

While lots of people have come and gone from the Cassidy staff, this group is special because in some way we influenced their career path into cataloguing, technical services and information science. There is no better sense of “giving back to the profession” than to recruit and train our own next generation!

Melissa Resnick

Melissa was a beginning M.L.S. student enrolled in the "Intro to Technical Services" course I was teaching at Queens College when we met. The first night of class, I got her guide-dog "Alta" in trouble because I kept making eye-contact with her thus distracting her from her responsibility of watching over Melissa. It didn't take long to notice that Melissa excelled at organization and classification. I was so happy to provide a Letter of Recommendation for her when she applied for a post-M.L.S. Associate Fellowship at the National Library of Medicine.

After completing the two year Associate Fellowship, Melissa was selected to receive a Research Fellowship in the NLM's Lister Hill National Center for Biomedical Communications, where she is currently developing medical ontologies. Below is the abstract of her research:

An Ontology for Public Health to Support Enhanced Information Retrieval Melissa P. Resnick, M.L.S., Anna M. Ripple, M.L.S., Ione Auston, M.L.S., Thomas C.Rindflesch, Ph.D. National Library of Medicine, Bethesda, MD 20894
Semantic MEDLINE [1] is an advanced information management technology that helps
manage the results of PubMed searches using natural language processing, automatic
summarization, and visualization. The application depends on the Unified Medical Language
System (UMLS), which is largely limited to clinical information. We are constructing an ontology
for public health to allow Semantic MEDLINE to be used in that domain.
The three important themes of public health are: Assessment, Development, and Assurance.
Assessment monitors the health of communities to identify problems and priorities. Development
implements programs to solve these problems, and Assurance determines whether implemented programs are effective.
These core themes guide research on extending the UMLS to public health.
See Melissa's article in our May 2010 Cassidy Courier Newsletter

Zoraida Michaud

Zoraida and her best friend Karen Valinoti vie for the title of “First Employee” due to a tax technicality. They worked onsite with me in the early years building Cassidy Cataloguing. That was way before Zoraida even knew she wanted to be a librarian.

Mark Sandford

Mark was my student in library school. He started out in the back of the class, but moved up week 2 when he discovered he could make me laugh. He interned at Cassidy Cataloguing. Then he taught with me at Kean University. That led to appointments at Queens College library school and OCLC Eastern. I wouldn't want to do any of those projects without him!

See Mark's article in our August 2010 Cassidy Courier Newsletter

Tina A. Kiernan

Interning at Cassidy Cataloguing was a great experience. The opportunity to work with a wonderfully talented staff and gain real experience in the field of cataloging was excellent! I am grateful for the opportunity I had to learn and grow as a Librarian. — Tina

Jill Yael Milhorat

Jill came into my class not knowing she was a Cataloger. But she learned quickly, winning both an AALL conference scholarship and a grant to attend a cataloging workshop the same year!

Sharon Rork

Working at Cassidy Cataloging introduced me to a field of study that would segue perfectly from my previous career in show business. The skills in technical processing and client services I learned while working for the Cassidys have stuck far better than some library school classes. — Sharon

Evelyn Rouse

Evelyn was here full-time for 13 years. No one remembers how long she was part-time before that; we all grew up together.

Eva B. Harris

I can attest to the fact that YOU (Joni) taught me everything I know about law cataloging, and Paula made sure I did it right! — Eva

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