CassidyCat's Digital Law LibrarySM

CassidyCat's Digital Law Library is an instant law collection that will fit into any sized library! These records allow you to build your law collection when you couldn't afford to expand on it before. In addition to costing a fraction of your acquisitions budget, this collection will take up no extra space on the shelf!

This collection contains over 4,300 MARC21 catalog records for free legal research websites - all selected, evaluated and annotated by our talented JD/MLS librarian. The Collection includes primary sources for all 50 states and federal agencies, sites for Homeland Security, White House access, international law and trade, intellectual property law, criminal law, securities, banking, Civil Rights, law library best practices, OBS-SIS recommended websites, and a host of other topics!

CassidyCat's Digital Law Library is of special interest to savvy Law Librarians who know the significance of the State-by-State Report on Authentication of Online Legal Resources, by the American Association of Law Libraries' Electronic Legal Information Access and Citation Committee (February 2010). The core collection of the product is comprised of the electronic version of primary source materials for the 50 states that is being charted for official status and authentication! In addition, The Report is following the elimination of print versions and replacement by electronic versions that are cited in CassidyCat's Digital Law Library.

CassidyCat's Digital Law Library is useful for the academic sector, private firm libraries, state/court/county libraries, as well as public libraries! The product provides the full scope of primary sources for the 50 states, plus valuable secondary sources on many legal topics, without expending physical space or large sums of money. No new software will ever have to be purchased, as the library installs the .mrc files directly into the existing OPAC.

UELMA Notification Added! CassidyCat's Digital Law Library has been updated to include a 500-field note and a 630-field uniform title subject added entry in MARC records representing titles covered by the Uniform Electronic Legal Material Act (UELMA). These can include a state's constitution, statutes, code, agency rules, administrative code, and reported decisions. The 500 note reads: "Uniform electronic legal material act (UELMA) enacted, effective [effective date for specific state]." Our staff is using the documentation available from the American Association of Law Libraries found here to monitor the enactment of UELMA in the various states and will continue to note it in affected MARC records as changes occur.

Updates are fast and simple! Each month Cassidy Cataloguing performs URL-checking to catch dead or redirected links and then locates replacement websites and updates the catalog records. The updated records are distributed with new titles every month!

Have a suggestion for favorite website? Pass it along to us and we will catalog it for you!

New topics are added each month. Four examples of the over 4,300 websites included in CassidyCat's Digital Law Library:


Collection Pricing Updates
CassidyCat's Digital Law Library $500 $100/monthly

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