CassidyCat 4.1

Our web-hosted OPAC

Your Cassidy Cataloguing web-hosted OPAC is ready! CassidyCat 4.1 has added functionality, a completely customizable report generator, and more indexing for expanded searching capabilities, all while keeping a great user-friendly appeal.

Access your library catalog from anywhere you have internet access: email, download, or print subject bibliographies, email or download title requests, keep track of multiple branch holdings, and so much more!

Cool CatAugment your OPAC with these additional web-hosted modules:

Don't just take our word for it…

CassidyCat 4.1 offers user-friendly searches.

[…F]ruitful research with little or no frustration.

Because of the Cuadra software, CassidyCat 4.1 is both powerful and flexible.

CassidyCat 4.1 provides library administrators with the assurance that library holdings are available to patrons without needing IT personnel to maintain the hardware and upgrade the software.

Reviewed by Legal Information Alert, (Volume 24, Issue #4), Alert Publications, Inc., Chicago, IL.

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